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STIR/SHAKEN Shaked by too many gaps, CCA TranNexus Podcast

October 03, 2022

“There’s been a lot of progress, but there’s a long, long way to go,” says Jim Dalton of TransNexus. Dalton says that currently the program resembles a bucket with a hole on the bottom. Reciting statistics that show that as few as 1 in 4 calls are covered under STIR/SHAKEN. TDM networks remain a special challenge. In this podcast, recorded at the Competitive Carrier Alliance conference, Dalton outlines that this is a special challenge to rural wireless carriers and their customers. “The technology is here today,” says Dalton, who adds that this can be achieved inside the market, with technology that is available, accessible, and affordable. We learn what public policy, private sector and technology implementation steps that must come next. “There’s lots of options for service providers.”



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