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Success Story: How UCaaS Provider netsapiens Grew Its User Base by 70% In Just Over a Year

February 23, 2021

SAN DIEGO, CA – January 23, 2021 – In just over one year, netsapiens, a B2B provider of unified communications, collaboration (UC&C) and contact center (CC) solutions for service providers, has grown to 1.7 million users of its hallmark SNAPsolution platform. For a specialized provider like netsapiens, its success through the turbulence of 2020 is a testament to the company’s ability to pivot and roll out urgently needed features. This ability is complemented by netsapiens’ unique business model that enables strategic growth and profitability throughout its channel.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses around the world were already beginning to embark on a gradual shift towards remote work. Cloud-native UC&C solutions, such as netsapiens’ SNAPsolution and SNAP.HD, have been instrumental in helping service providers meet the hybrid needs of their end-users. In the spring of 2020, with pandemic lockdowns in effect, the trend suddenly accelerated exponentially. To help service providers stay competitive during that time, netsapiens unveiled its v41 update to SNAPsolution and SNAP.HD, featuring advanced collaboration features.

“Going into 2020, we had really honed our ability to empower service providers to use our feature-rich, cloud native UCaaS platform to accelerate their potential growth in the market,” says Anand Buch, CEO of netsapiens. “The big effort last year was to give our customers new collaboration tools that would help them support businesses adjusting to the sudden increase in remote work caused by the pandemic.  We had to accelerate our roll out of v41 of SNAPsolution while still maintaining the quality our customers expect in order to help them keep pace and succeed. We have always worked to maintain that kind of symbiotic relationship with our customers.”

In addition to unveiling new features, netsapiens also credits its growth to the collaborative, supportive ecosystem it has created with its customers and partners. Since its beginnings, the company has bucked the traditional platform provider business model of charging per seat and per feature. Instead, through universal session licenses based on concurrent sessions, netsapiens allows service providers to charge on a per-seat basis but only pay netsapiens for concurrent sessions.

“Our community and our partner network are extremely important to us,” Anand notes.  “From the get-go, we’ve been working together to build a value chain that our service provider customers can benefit from as they look to grow their own end-user communities. In many ways, our licensing model helped our customers thrive during a year that placed a significant downdraft on the global economy. The facts are clear – we would not be where we are today without the support of our clients. Throughout the rest of 2021 and beyond,we will continue working together in new ways with our customers to tackle whatever needs they identify in the markets they serve.”

As industry validation of netsapiens’ hard work and dedication, TMC awarded the UCaaS platform provider’s SNAP.HD platform with the 2021 TMCnet Remote Pioneer Work Award. Recognizing leaders in the advancement of remote working software, the award honors companies with products that are supporting the massive increase in remote working brought on by the pandemic. SNAP.HD provides netsapiens’ customers with a feature rich platform that both enables seamless virtual collaboration while maximizing the personal nature of meetings.

For more information about netsapiens, SNAPsolution, SNAP.HD and its full suite of other offerings for service providers, visit For Anand’s full comments on this milestone as well as his thoughts on the future of the UCaaS sector and the role of platform and service providers within it, watch his interview with JSA TV here.

About netsapiens

At netsapiens, we are your Smart Network Application People specializing in B2B unified communications (UC&C) solutions. We support service providers of all sizes as well as large enterprises with existing network infrastructure who want to improve their operational efficiency and grow their customer base. Our award-winning signature UC offering – SNAPsolution – is custom-built to offer our partners a customizable, easy-to-use platform that can be quickly deployed for maximum ROI. Take advantage of our expertise in VoIP, Hosted PBX, UCaaS, SIP trunking, contact centers, device provisioning, multi-tenant user portals and software-as-a-service (SaaS).

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