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TelcoBridges will offer “Tmedia for Metaswitch Networks” as a software option/upgrade, Podcast

November 10, 2021

Earlier this month TelcoBridges announced a comprehensive agreement with Metaswitch to certify versions of TelcoBridges Tmedia gateways for full interoperability with the widely deployed Metaswitch Call Feature Server (CFS). As part of the agreement, TelcoBridges will offer “Tmedia for Metaswitch Networks” as a software option/upgrade for existing and new Tmedia products, adding integration with Metaswitch’s MetaView Service Assurance Server for rapid call tracing and fault diagnosis. The new options will be available during the first half of 2022 once joint development and testing of the overall solution is complete.

In this podcast, Austin Spreadbury a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft and Alan Percy, CMO at TelcoBridges discuss what’s behind Metaswitch certifying Tmedia gateways. Spreadbury brings with him insight from Metaswitch, today a Microsoft company. Among some major wins for carriers in this announcement are an ROI in savings that very quickly and measurably justifies the investment, and energy savings that will help organizations make their green goals. One customer, according to Percy, is now expecting to save two million dollars a year just on electricity. Percy and Spreadbury discuss how this announcement broadens offerings and choices for customers.



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