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Telehealth a focus in Poly Grant Assistance Program, Podcast

March 11, 2021

Podcast: Understanding Poly Grant Assistance Program (PGAP), Part 2 Healthcare

The pandemic and the rapid adoption of telehealth might represent the greatest disruption of the delivery of healthcare in the history of medicine, according to Cheryl Henshaw, Director of the Poly Grant Assistance Program (or PGAP). Poly provides a value-added service (PGAP) focused on helping organizations understand where funding is available, where funding can be spent, and to spread understanding of fund eligibility. In this podcast, Part 2 of a two-part series on Poly’s (PGAP), we focus on telehealth and healthcare. Until now, medical care has been basically an on prem, in person activity. Telehealth was a narrowly used application and distance medicine was often a matter of onsite caregivers consulting with other professionals by phone or video conference. Now, telehealth might become a routine doctor / patient activity. Henshaw outlines the scope of this change and where Poly’ PGAP can help.


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