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Online Virtual Meeting – Wednesday, May 27, 2020 – 12:00 PM Eastern US Time

Your customers are concerned about risks to their supply chain. They are concerned about vulnerabilities in the equipment you provide. What can you tell them? Up your knowledge with Michael Tessler and Derick Naef, CEO of Refirm Labs with a discussion on “how the bad guys are getting in.”

Michael Tessler is the co-founder of BroadSoft, a company that went public and was eventually purchased by Cisco. Michael has agreed to host a series of webinars on topics which are of interest to your customers and therefore should be of interest to you. These are not sales pitches. This is about knowledge. Your customers have concerns. Build a relationship with them. Differentiate yourself. Have the knowledge to talk to them about things other than YOUR offering. The first two topics in this series have to do with Data Intelligence and Security.

Terry Dunlap is co-founder & CSO of ReFirm Labs. Terry began his career as a penetration tester at Deloitte, and joined the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2002. As a Global Network Vulnerability Analyst at NSA, Terry used his hacking skills to electronically track down foreign adversaries and locate nefarious backdoors in embedded devices that could threaten national security. In 2007, Terry founded Tactical Network Solutions (TNS), focusing on the development of offensive cyber capabilities in support of U.S. Special Operations Command and other Intelligence agencies from allied nations. Terry co-founded ReFirm Labs in 2017, spinning out the technology and team from TNS to take the defensive side of the ball, helping companies secure their devices and supply chains.

Derick Naef is co-founder and CEO of ReFirm Labs. Derick is a seasoned software industry executive with a unique blend of start-up and global business experience combined with deep code-level understanding of technology. Co-founded and grew a software company, evolved business strategies and achieved a successful exit for investors and employees. Led engineering, product management, marketing and sales teams to create and launch multiple innovative, award winning products. Led a highly profitable business unit in a global mid-market software company in a very competitive market space.


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