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Time to up-level says Poly’s Danto, Podcast

January 14, 2022

Poly UC Strategy and Research Sees Workforce and Workplace Trends as Lasting and Profound

“Now is the time to ‘up-level’ says David Danto, Director of UC Strategy and Research at Poly. Danto is one of the industry’s trusted leaders when it comes to understanding how long-term trends impact near term needs. In this podcast we hear about a wide range of critical shifts in both the workforce and the workplace, that IT decision makers need to understand. Danto explains that work is becoming what people do more than it’s a place to go. “Work is what you do,” says Danto. He sees that change of how we look at work impacting both workers who have the flexibility in their occupation, to work from anywhere, and workers whose tasks must be carried out at a specific physical location. Instead of waiting to see what comes next in the pandemic, Danto urges listeners to recognize how the future has already arrived and to begin to plan to meet the IT needs of a workplace that might have devolved from some or all the place in workplace and a new, refreshed, and empowered workforce that expect equity and access, and who welcome technology as a tool for better experiences. “The purpose of the office has changed from being a place of individual work to being a place of group work,” says Danto. Danto predicts that this change will “cascade” into a more equitable experience. Technology will play a major role, meaning an era of change, opportunity and maybe, new beginnings.



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