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Traceback Process for Identifying Illegal Robobcalls

July 03, 2020

Tracing a call back to its origin through the various carriers that transmit the call is a major component of the FCC’s and Congressional efforts to curb unlawful robocalls.

Congress called for a single industry forum to undertake this traceback process, and the Commission will soon designate USTelecom’s Industry Traceback Group to carry out this responsibility. It will be empowered to reach out to voice service providers for information on who sent them a suspect call and it is expected to inform the FCC or law enforcement agencies if companies fail to cooperate.

VoIP providers likely will be a key target of traceback efforts. It is therefore critical that all voice providers that originate or transmit traffic understand the traceback process and what is expected of them.

The CCA has posted detailed information on the Traceback Process in the Members’ Portal of the CCA Web site.

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