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Updated ITG Legal and Regulatory Considerations Guidance

May 23, 2023
Updated ITG Legal and Regulatory Considerations Guidance


You’re receiving this email as a participant in the Industry Traceback Group’s (ITG’s) traceback effort. As part of the ITG’s ongoing effort to work with the industry and law enforcement community to stop illegal robocalls and other abuses of the telephone network, the ITG’s traceback team this week released an updated Legal and Regulatory Considerations for Robocalling and Telemarketing Activities guidance document, which is available at The guidance document summarizes many of the various U.S. laws and regulations that apply to both callers and providers regarding robocalling and telemarketing activities, and includes numerous examples of enforcement based on those laws and regulations.

Among other changes, the guidance has been updated to reflect recent regulatory changes and enforcement trends including:

– Expanded FCC obligations to file robocall mitigation plans and only accept traffic from providers in the FCC’s Robocall Mitigation Database;
– Recent enforcement focus and new regulatory guidance regarding telemarketing based on lead generation, including valid consent for such calls; and
– Recent enforcement applying the Truth in Caller ID Act and implementing regulations to calling practices beyond spoofing.

We hope the guidance will be helpful to understand the requirements and expectations that may apply to you and your customers in this space.

— The ITG Team

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