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Was STIR/SHAKEN a failure? Next steps will close the gap: TransNexus Special Podcast

October 23, 2023

TransNexus lays out game plan for narrowing robocall flow, Jim Dalton thinks early next year will bring significant improvements, strong partnership with Crexendo

“Not enough calls have a SHAKEN signature,” says TransNexus CEO Jim Dalton. Was STIR/SHAKEN a failure?  The speed bump to getting more calls to have a SHAKEN signature is TDM. Despite widespread STIR/SHAKEN implementation, TDM still remains in place enough to impact the outcome. Pending the complete retirement of TDM, the problem remains. However, Dalton believes that early in the new year will new solutions to tackle  TDM related issues.

In this podcast, Jim discusses upcoming big changes on the STIR/SHAKEN front and their ongoing support for the Crexendo NetSapiens platform, now the third largest in the US market.

TransNexus is a leader in developing innovative software to manage and protect telecommunications networks. The company has over 25 years’ experience in providing telecom software solutions including toll fraud prevention, robocall mitigation and prevention, TDoS prevention, analytics, routing, billing support, STIR/SHAKEN and SHAKEN certificates.


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