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You are growing internationally, are you ready to track VAT?, Podcast

April 19, 2021

As businesses grow, they start to have opportunities in international markets. They may also need to deploy international telecom services use due to the changing approach to work offices.  There are lots of things to consider when expanding internationally, but one that we are seeing more of lately is VAT taxes.  So says Bob Norberg, CMO of Cloud Age Solutions.

In this podcast, Norberg argues that it is important provide the accurate data from your telecom bills to make sure you are paying the right VAT amount and are able to identify any VAT refund opportunities.

Norberg provides three steps you need to take to effectively manage VAT taxes as it relates to telecom expenses.  Finally, he explains how his company’s gpxcloud platform can help make on-going telecom cost management a seamless part of businesses day-to-day operations.




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