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Zoom launches Clips in beta, bringing more flexibility to asynchronous work

August 11, 2023

Zoom Clips makes it easy to record, edit, and share video internally and externally

August 7, 2023 – Zoom has launched Zoom Clips in beta globally, allowing users to easily record, edit, and share high-fidelity short-form video messages, both internally and externally. Now available to customers with Zoom One licenses, including basic users (Zoom One Basic – Zoom One Enterprise Plus), Zoom Clips is designed to help teams communicate asynchronously and cut down on the number of meetings and reduce lost time on ambiguous communication.

With Zoom Clips, users can record their video and screen and set viewing permissions to quickly share with others. Clips are stored in a centralized content management system for simple search and discovery and to promote engagement. Team members can comment on the videos, and creators can track video views.

“The way we use video is evolving. Team collaboration and communication are more important than ever, and users need the ability to share both ad-hoc and planned videos in a way that can be easily viewed and stored,” said John Beckmann, group product manager at Zoom. “With Zoom Clips, co-workers can save precious time by communicating clearly across time zones, have a central place to keep and manage their clips, and engage with their teammates asynchronously.”

Zoom Clips is an expansion of Zoom’s already robust portfolio of asynchronous communications tools that employees can use to work flexibly, including Zoom T

At the beta launch, Zoom Clips features include:


  • Easy video recording from the Zoom web portal, the computer menu or taskbar, and directly in the Zoom client
  • Screen record and simultaneously use the computer camera to record a self-speaking view
  • Leverage Virtual Backgrounds and Noise suppression


  • Set permissions for who can view a clip
  • Edit the Clip name, description, and tags for easy search
  • Cut and trim unwanted sections of a Clip


  • Generate links that are shareable both within Zoom and externally via a link
  • View video analytics and receive comments on clips
  • Manage, share, rename, download, and delete Clips easily and securely in the content library
  • Search for clips based on titles or tags

During the limited-time beta period, users will receive access to all features, with no limit on the number of clips created or clip length. General availability and pricing will be announced in the coming months.

About Zoom

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