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Bringing Voice Communications To the Cloud in the U.S., Europe and Around the World

The Internet and ubiquitous broadband created a revolution in the way enterprises manage applications, giving rise to the concept of cloud computing. The same revolution is now changing the way enterprises communicate, giving birth to a new industry:  cloud communications. More than simply VoIP or Unified Communications, cloud communications is an entirely new way to build, deploy and scale enterprise communications systems.

The Cloud Communications Alliance is an industry peer association dedicated to fostering the growth of cloud communications.  From our Offices in the U.S. and Europe we bring together leading cloud communications providers to promote awareness, adoption and understanding of cloud communications services and their benefits.  We are comprised of industry leading hosted communications companies and supported by sponsors that provide products and services for the cloud communications industry.

We provide the ultimate forum for these industry leaders to come together to discuss key cloud communications topics and further their companies’ mutual and individual goals.  In the process, we advance the market by educating businesses about the ways to build, deploy and scale enterprise communications systems.