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Cloud Communications Alliance

We are a not-for-profit peer association dedicated to the growth of the cloud communications industry. We
provide the forum for industry leaders to discuss key topics and advance their goals.

In the process, we move the industry forward. We support and educate businesses on the best ways to build, sell,
and scale their enterprise communications systems.

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Our members have the best minds in cloud communications. They oversee the deepest technology investments and the largest customer bases in our industry.

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  • Share opportunities, grievances, ideas
  • Collaborate with the industry’s best minds


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We are the voice of communications service providers in Washington, Brussels, and around the world. Collectively, our voice is loud.

Together, we:

  • Influence regulatory policy
  • Examine opportunities and threats
  • Develop relationships with policymakers


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Because of our global membership base, you’ll discover how the cloud space is evolving across the world, what global market dynamics are like, and how companies are meeting challenges for growth.

Together, we:

  • Conduct and share industry research
  • Stay current on trends


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Why our members love the cca

“I’ve been a member of the CCA since its inception. What keeps me coming back is the unique spirit of the organization. CCA members, like myself, have benefitted from lifelong relationships with others in the cloud communications community.”

Shawn Puddester
VP, Global Services Providers | Poly

"The CCA provides me with valuable insights on industry trends, M&A activities, and important updates that help propel my company forward in this quickly moving industry. It’s invaluable to have access to smart, like-minded cloud industry leaders from around the world."

Armen Martirosyan
Co-Founder and CEO | BluIP

"CCA is valuable to me because of the substantive thinking that comes out of the organization, the lobbying activities in Brussels and Washington, D.C., and the presentations at our SpeakUp meetings – which are interesting, informative, and fun."

Rick Sulman
CEO | Speakup BV

"The speakers and best-practice sessions at our meetings provide a lot of value to my company and me."

Jim Kaiser
CEO | J-Curve Technologies

"CCA is the best place to connect with like-minded telecommunications industry experts, keep abreast of the latest technology trends, and learn about best-practice delivery models."

Dean Manzoori
Vice President, Product Management | UCaaS

"The CCA is the best organization I have ever been a part of from an industry, membership, and value-to-the-sector point of view."

Todd Carothers
EVP of Sales, Mktg. & Product | Counterpath

Case Study: Cloud Voice Provider Achieves Sustained, Competitive Growth in Cloud Communications With the CCA

A longtime CCA member leverages the unique insights and advice gained from seasoned experts to make smart business decisions, handle complex deals, and navigate the changing waters of cloud communications. Download our case study to learn more.

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