How COVID Has Changed and Will Change the Enterprise Communications Market

COVID-19 has driven a fundamental adoption change that has accelerated meetings on video and use of IP based communications solutions, both instead of in-person meetings as well as replacing traditional PSTN based telephony. This session is based on the work for the Cisco v. Microsoft v. Zoom session at enterprise Connect 2020 in August. We will examine how competition in the market is changing in in light of Covid and what that means for ISPs.

The focus will be on how adoption of Meetings and Collaboration solutions is driving the purchase decision for enterprise communications solutions. The session will also discuss the potential impact on separate PSTN telephony pricing based on new bundled pricing models from IP based video collaboration vendors. Finally, we will cover how the changes driven by Covid may also accelerate the Firstline transformation and the use of IP based collaboration and teaming solutions in the non-Knowledge Worker cohort. This is of particular import as this group is the primary user populations of PSTN telephony in the enterprise.



Nov 18 2020


12:00 pm
Phil Edholm, President of PKE Consulting LLC


Phil Edholm, President of PKE Consulting LLC