Talking to Your Customer – Data Intelligence

More and more of your customers are transforming themselves into data driven organizations.  According to Forrester, data driven businesses are growing at an average of 30% each year.  What is a data driven organization and what does it mean to your customers and your future?  We invite you to join Michael Tessler and Tim Delisle, CEO of for an introduction to data driven organizations and what it means to the future of your business.

Michael Tessler is the co-founder of BroadSoft, a company that went public and was eventually purchased by Cisco. Michael has agreed to host a series of webinars on topics which are of interest to your customers and therefore should be of interest to you. These are not sales pitches. This is about knowledge. Your customers have concerns. Build a relationship with them. Differentiate yourself. Have the knowledge to talk to them about things other than YOUR offering. The first two topics in this series have to do with Data Intelligence and Security.

Tim Delisle is co-founder and CEO of Datalogue. Tim and his team have brought to market the first Data Processing Automation (DPA) platform. They automate manual, ad hoc data processing that bottleneck the enterprise’s ability to perform data analysis and generate data driven business decisions/initiatives/strategies.


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May 13 2020


12:00 pm
Michael Tessler


Michael Tessler

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Tim Delisle
Tim Delisle