Voice Cost Optimization: Creating Carrier Economics for Contact Centers

Regulatory and competitive forces have created a unique opportunity for service providers to significantly reduce voice costs while maintaining or enhancing service levels. Alternate sourcing / service models are available that allow for the procurement and management of some of the top networks (AT&T, VzB, CenturyLink/Level 3). This provides service providers with the opportunity to acquire top quality network services at lowest costs with flexible contracting terms!

In this CCA virtual meeting, Chris Lee of Cloud Age Solutions, Mark Iannuzzi of Telnet, and Mike Rothchild of RouteTrust discuss how service providers can take control of their voice environment and deliver amazing cost reductions and service level improvements!

Chris Lee is CEO and founder of Cloud Age Solutions.  Chris is an entrepreneur who has helped telecom carriers and enterprises optimize their telecom networks, vendors, services and spend.  Chris leads Cloud Age Solutions as they provide professional services, software platforms and data services that optimize the value our customers receive from their network and technology services and assets.

Mark Iannuzzi is President and founder of Telnet Worldwide. Mark is an engineer and entrepreneur, inspired to enhance the quality of life by making technology simple, trusted and empowering. He is responsible for guiding the technical vision of TelNet and directing a talented and passionate team with a unique commitment to customer service and value creation.

Mike Rothchild is Managing partner at Route Trust.  An entrepreneurial spirit by nature, Mike has worn many hats throughout his career spanning an array of industries including beverage equipment mfg, energy trading, telecom operations, and technology development. Mike leads Route Trust who delivers the first simple, scalable call management solution to include least cost origination for Toll-Free origination and LCR for global termination, DID and TF inventory management tools, and a best in class call processing platform.


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Jul 08 2020 - Jun 21 2021


12:00 pm
Chris Lee


Chris Lee

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Mark Iannuzzi
Mark Iannuzzi
Mike Rothchild
Mike Rothchild