AINEO Networks

AINEO Networks is the operator of CIRCLE Cloud Communications, Japan’s fastest growing Communications Service Provider, Although much of Asia is mostly  offered open-source or freeware based systems, CIRCLE is on a path to give hundreds of thousands of users carrier grade phone (VoIP), chat, video, fax, and email communications.  CIRCLE was launched in 2016, under the brand name iPBX Hosting.  With flexible APIs, CIRCLE is built to integrate with any cloud-based service available giving national customers access to datacenters, secure client data giving geo-redundant services available with no other Service Provider (CSP).  AINEO’s QuickFAX, FoIP service is also popular as an alternate way of getting information to organizations and their customers.

In addition to CIRCLE’s cloud services for organizations, CIRCLE Hospitality gives hotels, clubs, ryokan, and other hotel-type businesses ultra reliable, cost-effective and PMS integrated systems that owners love.  CIRCLE’s Network covers

  • CIRCLE Cloud Communications- VoIP, video, chat, collaboration
  • CIRCLE Voice Recording (CVR)
  • CIRCLE Call Reporting (CCR)
  • QuickFAX Fax Over IP
  • CIRCLE Hospitality Cloud

More services and integrations regularly added spurring dynamic growth each quarter.  ANEO is a long time CCA member company and strong CCA supporter in Asia.


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