Aire Networks

The wholesale operator of quad-play telecommunications services capable of delivering profitable, flexible and scalable solutions for operators, public administration entities and companies in general. With 20 years of experience, it is the fourth national operator in data transmission according to the CNMC, and also one of the companies with more presence and capillarity in rural and metropolitan areas in Spain. With its network, it covers 90% of the Spanish territory through optical fiber, radio link and its own band licensed in the 2.6 GHz spectrum. Aire Networks offers direct service to more than 2.200 intermediary clients and more than four million indirect clients.

Among the assets of the company stand out its customer orientation, its strong compromise to information security and quality of service, its know-how and versatility, which allows it to offer ad hoc solutions to the most demanding clients. Also its strong national and international interconnection agreements with the main sector players, and its TIER 2 telecommunications network, with more than 27.000 kilometers of extension, designed and deployed under the most demanding quality standards with a growth capacity of N*100 Gbps. and 1.2Tbps transport capacity, expandable to 80Tbps. The autonomous system (AS) of Aire occupies positions 29 in IPV4 and 36 in IPV6 within the world ranking made up of more than 61,300 references.

Its firm commitment to R+D+i not only favors the creation of new products, but also favors the research, development and innovation of solutions with which to guarantee the quality and stability of all the data circuits that connect to the network of Aire with the distribution point of its customers providing clean traffic, low latency and remarkable stability.

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