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BroadSource. We Power Collaboration Clouds.

We are a global systems integration and software development company that builds and operates platforms for Service Providers (SPs) worldwide. Our flagship product, EMU, supports a wide range of pre-built automations and integrations for Collaboration Clouds. EMU solves complex problems like subscriber migration, provisioning and auditing, providing SPs with new capabilities and reducing their costs. EMU integrates and simplifies network interconnections, and assists SPs with the ability to control the expansion of their Collaboration Clouds. Our latest innovation, EMU SecureCall, presents SPs with an untapped opportunity to differentiate their Cloud offering. EMU SecureCall makes PCI-DSS compliance possible for small and medium sized businesses, operating within office and retail environments, a solution once only achievable within contact centres. EMU has become the ‘go-to’ architecture for mediation and orchestration of complex Cloud Collaboration services. For more information, visit our website.


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