Fuse 2 Communications

Fuse 2 has operates one of the most advanced networks in Europe.  Powered by Ribbon carrier grade voice architecture and Netaxis Routing engine which has been heavily modified and enhanced to allow automation to key voice services.  This includes hosted IPT services, SIP trunks, Cloud 3CX & Microsoft Teams.

Our goal is to automate as much of our processes as we can and make it easy for our customers to work with us. We sell both direct to Enterprise customers and to a wider market through a growing number of resellers who also like the fact that our white label capabilities presented through our Edge portal mean that they can show themselves to their own customers as the telco.

The network infrastructure investment we have made puts us at the leading edge of VoIP telecommunications providers in the UK. For our multi-national customers it means high quality inbound and outbound voice connectivity all around the globe and we are able to manage their number porting needs in all the countries in which they are present.

Fuse 2 are also able to quickly respond to changes in global regulatory requirements thanks to our use core voice platform. Our core routing platform is also the engine that drives our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing services and this together with our 3CX and multi-national capabilities are driving a very healthy growth at Fuse 2.

We have won awards / shortlisted and highly commended in the UK ITSPA/Comms Council for best VoIP network, ITSP, VoIP Infrastructure & VoIP Reseller across multiple years.  An achievement since we have been formed from only 2015.

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