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Momentum Telecom’s BBX Fiber Continuing to Redefine Industry


BIRMINGHAM, AL – April 27, 2016– Momentum Telecom, a premier provider of Business Voice, Broadband Management and Unified Communications solutions, launched BBX Fiber in the fall of last year and has quickly reshaped the way companies manage fiber networks. Since its launch, BBX Fiber has become the industry standard for being able to use a single platform to proactively monitor, manage and troubleshoot fiber networks.

Fiber connectivity continues to be one of the fastest growing technologies in the communications industry and is becoming increasingly common due to its collection of benefits that include increased bandwidth, speed and security. BBX Fiber has been revolutionary because many of the tools companies used to manage broadband in the past simply do not work with fiber.

Momentum’s BBX Fiber is specifically designed for companies who are currently implementing and supporting fiber networks. Momentum’s Broadband Explorer (BBX), platform operates as a tool and gives administrating providers and operators a deeper visibility into network dynamics, the ability to find and to diagnose potential issues and ultimately reduces the number of truck rolls. In addition, BBX Fiber has actively enabled companies to implement real-time installation and circuit capacity metrics, which have a host of benefits with the most important being improved overall customer satisfaction.

“We are very pleased with the BBX Fiber rollout and the impact it is having on the way our customers operate,” said Colin Scott, Momentum’s Director of White Label Sales. “BBX Fiber is giving our operators the ability to manage a wider range of technologies, ultimately enabling them to better serve their end subscribers in the best way possible.”

Momentum Telecom is the nation’s leading provider of wholesale voice and data management solutions. If you would like to learn more about Momentum or BBX Fiber, email or call 877-258-3821.

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