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Who We Are and What We Do

Access a Powerful Peer Network

We provide the forum industry leaders need to discuss key topics and advance their mutual or individual goals.

  • Access the most brilliant minds in the industry.
  • Network with thought leaders, investors, analysts, media, and fellow cloud communications leaders.
  • Attend exclusive events to broaden your knowledge and network.
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Become a Voice of the Industry

We represent your initiatives and needs to the industry’s leading service providers, vendors, platform providers, and analysts.

  • Join your voice with more than 150+ companies to influence policy.
  • Ensure your ideas are represented at the highest levels of the industry.
  • Gain influence through collaborating with industry giants.

Stay Ahead of the Latest Market Trends

We bring together experts from more than a dozen countries, so you always know how the industry is evolving on a global scale.

  • Access exclusive research, data, events and webinars to keep you sharp.
  • Participate in panels and discussions with industry experts and analysts.
  • Never miss an important announcement that may affect the industry
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CCA members meet with their worldwide peers to support each other in ways that only other cloud communications providers would understand.
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Respect for Others

We are all about diversity. We WANT to hear views from all corners of the hosted communications industry.
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Ethical Conduct

Members must agree to conduct themselves in an ethical fashion to uphold high standards in all dealings with our association.
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Members of the CCA collectively support our members and vendors, which offers our members the best prices and services.
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Best Practices

Members are committed to sharing best practices. This furthers our industry and provides customers with the best possible services and solutions.
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Members are committed to dealing in an honest fashion at all times with our customers and suppliers.

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