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Podcast: GENBAND offers users choice, savings and security with migration from legacy Nortel

“Skills costs and complexity are what can hold people back,” explains Clinton McDaniel, Enterprise Business Development and Channel Sales Leader at GENBAND.

A decade on from the fall of Nortel, the late equipment maker’s on-prem gear remain in tens of thousands of locations. Recorded at GENBAND Perspectives, this podcast offers a summary of what McDaniel and his team were presenting to partners as the late stage migration era continues.

In this podcast McDaniel walks us through GENBAND’s thinking and offerings on migration from Nortel. McDaniel describes two paths that GENBAND can offer. One path includes a rip and replace approach. But another path is to offer a rich set of over the top services that allows a user to modernize but do a very controlled migration process at the same time. McDaniel describes a migration path where users can actually trim costs, improve security, enhance available features and decrease disruption.

We also learn the role of human skill sets available at the user level and how GENBAND’s cloud delivered services accommodate companies with shifts in both their network and their network management.

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