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Podcast: Kandy in the Library

Kandy - Genbandby Gary Audin

The cloud for Unified Communications (UCaaS) is here. It is how it is provided and supported is what really matters. You need reliability, scalability, and efficiency. The cloud can significantly reduce your CAPEX with an OPEX cash flow. This is true for businesses, education, and government.

Patrick Joggerst, EVP Sales and Marketing at GENBAND recorded this podcast with Gary Audin at the Perspectives 17 conference hosted by GENBAND. Patrick discusses the application of Kandy at the Los Angeles Library. He focuses on what can be done when UC, based on Kandy, is available across the 70+ library locations. He also points out that the library system has connections to the state universities. The library has become a focal point for those that do not broadband access. Others use the library to research jobs and employment. Patrick also discusses the value of APIs in Kandy and their value to the customer.

LA County Library

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