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Star2Star committed to quality and the channel delivers both to the business subscribers

Michelle Accardi, Chief Revenue Officer of Star2Star, recently promoted from within to President. It is not often that people from within a company are recognized for their contributions and talent.  In this case, from my brief meetings with Michelle, I can honestly say that she earned the position with her energy, knowledge and passion for Star2Star.

Michelle Accardi

Michelle Accardi

Listen in as Michelle conveys her enthusiasm about Star2Star to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News a TR publication.

From the beginning Star2Star established itself with a unique hybrid communication system providing for all of a company’s UCaaS needs including:

  • Voice
  • Chat
  • Call Center
  • Video Conferencing
  • Conferencing

The highest quality has been maintained from the beginning based on their Star Box Cloud Connection which provides for Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic shaping.

Michelle continues discussing their total commitment to the channel and how they are the most channel friendly company in the industry.  With the highest commissions, the highest SPIFs and the lowest churn rate, Star2Star provides extra incentives for resellers to make the hardware sale up front to receive commission right away while getting the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) over the life of the contract.

Star2Star was founded in 2006 with a passion for revolutionizing the world of business communications. For small and large businesses, they unify and simplify complex communications activities. For employees, they deliver a culture of innovation, diversity and individuality.

Revolutionary New Hardware For Every Business

Star2Star’s StarBox® Cloud Connection Manager Family offers improved performance, increased simultaneous call capacity, and advanced new enterprise-grade features

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