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Toshiba Empowers Its Installed Base to Easily Migrate to the Cloud With Hybrid Cloud Unified Communications Solutions

Toshiba logoIRVINE, Calif., June 16, 2015 ― Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division (Toshiba — today announced an easy migration path for its installed base of users to move to the cloud via Toshiba’s Hybrid Cloud Solutions. Available from Authorized Toshiba Dealers nationwide, Toshiba’s cloud migration path enables users of Toshiba’s IPedge and Strata CIX on-premise systems to add the VIPedge cloud-based telephony solution to single or multiple locations.

“Toshiba offers a smooth pathway to the cloud for its millions of installed users with IPedge and Strata CIX premise-based business telephone systems,” said Brian Metherell, vice president and general manager of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division.  “Toshiba users can easily and affordably migrate to a hybrid cloud solution by networking Toshiba’s VIPedge cloud-based Unified Communications solution with their existing systems.”

Dixie Plywood and Lumber Company of Savannah, Ga., a Toshiba customer since 1996, recently added Toshiba’s VIPedge cloud-based business telephone solution to its IPedge on-premises business telephone systems for a Hybrid Cloud Networking solution. “With Toshiba’s Hybrid Cloud Solution, our employees can communicate using a variety of devices, including their own mobile phones and tablets,” said Bobby Awtrey, corporate director of IT Services for Dixie Plywood and Lumber Company.  Dixie Plywood and Lumber Company is a customer of Authorized Toshiba Dealer Speros of Savannah, Ga.

Toshiba’s Hybrid Cloud Solution Delivers Fully Integrated Communications

Toshiba’s Hybrid Cloud Networking solution enables users of Toshiba’s on-site IPedge and Strata CIX and cloud-based VIPedge business telephone solutions to network their systems together for a fully integrated communications solution.  Networking on-premise and cloud systems provides users with a robust hybrid business communication solution that helps users expand features and reduce costs while utilizing the deployment platforms of their choice.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Networking include:

  • Reduced costs — With networking among Toshiba’s on-premise and cloud platforms, Toshiba’s users gain a robust solution that helps them reduce costs while enabling internal calling and advanced call processing features across their locations.
  • Single Vendor Solution — Toshiba delivers a comprehensive single-vendor telephone, application, and SIP trunk solution for equipment and services across on-premise and cloud.
  • Feature Transparency — Toshiba’s hybrid solution provides feature transparency and networked applications and minimizes interoperability issues that can occur when using a mix of equipment from different vendors and service providers.
  • Unified Communications & Mobility — Toshiba’s UCedge UC solution gives users one-number reach and the ability to work from virtually anywhere using a personal or business device, including smartphones and tablets, as a business extension.  UCedge displays the user’s office phone number in Caller ID for single-number reach. UCedge is available from app stores.
  • Federation Across Systems — XMPP federation further enhances communications to ensure that users can collaborate with colleagues and customers quickly and efficiently in real-time using Instant Messaging, Presence and Contacts with Avatars.
  • Direct Dialing — Toshiba’s internal dialing enables direct-extension dialing across the network.
  • Advanced Call Processing — Toshiba delivers feature transparency leveraging the same Toshiba IP networking across premise-based Strata CIX and IPedge and cloud-based VIPedge business telephone solutions.
  • Easily Add New Users and Locations — Existing users of Toshiba’s IPedge and Strata CIX systems can easily network with Toshiba’s VIPedge to add new users and locations with minimum upfront capital expense
  • Easy Upgrades with Minimum Costs — Toshiba delivers the ability for its installed base of Strata CTX and CIX users to upgrade processors and firmware as required and network to VIPedge to add new users and locations with minimum upfront capital expense.
  • Free Local and Long Distance Calling with Toshiba’s SIP Trunking I-VoIP — When combined with Toshiba’s SIP Trunking I-VoIP Service for IPedge and Strata CIX, users are able to make free local and long distance calls among all their sites regardless of the locations of Toshiba’s on-premises or cloud-based business telephone solutions.

VIPedge leasing plans are available with no upfront costs for 24, 36 and 60 months.  Leasing avoids capital expenditures, making the cloud telephone solution an operating expense.  Leasing programs are also available for Toshiba’s on-premise systems.

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