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Grupo Aire expands its international presence in 20 countries thanks to its agreement with Sparkle

September 23, 2022

September 22, 2022 – Grupo Aire, the group of telecommunications companies whose philosophy is based on constant innovation through technology, expands its international presence in more than 90 POPs (points of presence) and 20 European countries thanks to the agreement it has just signed with Sparkle ,  leading operator in the Italian market and one of the most important worldwide. Thanks to this, Grupo Aire can offer greater connectivity to international carriers, hyperscalers and customers in the business sector and continues to advance in its internationalization process.

The signing of the agreement means that the networks of both telecommunications companies will be connected in Marseille (NNI) , so that Grupo Aire, relying on Sparkle’s pan-European network, will be able to offer connectivity services from Marseille to the main European cities, while Sparkle will use the Grupo Aire network for its connectivity needs between Marseille and the largest cities in Spain and Portugal, given the prominence that the Iberian Peninsula has gained as a communications hub between Europe and North Africa.

Activation of new network services in Europe

The agreement represents a new line of business for Grupo Aire with its consequent generation of income, as Sparkle is one of the largest carriers worldwide. In addition, it can incorporate different network services abroad into its complete portfolio under a competitive scenario , with a scheme similar to having its own network and not that of third parties. The same thing happens to Sparkle by relying on the Grupo Aire network.

In turn, Grupo Aire will be able to attract new international customers with service needs in Europe , as well as strengthen the loyalty of existing customers by offering new and more competitive routes.

The agreement allows the group of Spanish telecommunications operators to offer these new services to international carriers, hyperscalers and clients from the business sector with international needs , as well as to operators with a presence in their datacenters that demand connectivity with other data centers located in other locations in the country. European continent.

“ In recent years we have been facing an ambitious national and international expansion project that today, without a doubt, marks a milestone with this important agreement ”, says Raúl Aledo, CEO of Aire Networks and Grupo Aire. “ This alliance with Sparkle not only allows us to continue advancing in this process; In addition, it gives us the possibility of offering our current clients a greater portfolio of services with scope in an important part of the European continent “.

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