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IntelePeer Helps State Governor Offices and Health Departments with COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling

January 26, 2021

Quick and Easy Implementation of Atmosphere® CPaaS Solution Automates and Streamlines Appointment Process for One of The Most Populus States in the U.S.

San Mateo, CA – January 26, 2021 – IntelePeer, a leading Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider, has implemented an automated vaccine scheduling solution for one of the largest states in the US, enabling a bi-lingual self-service hotline that pre-screens callers and collects pre-registration information before passing them to a live person to schedule an appointment, while meeting the state’s requirement for zero busy signals. The over-the-top Atmosphere® CPaaS solution provides quick access to current vaccine information and a reliable path to vaccine appointment scheduling, ensuring the best possible experience for citizens as vaccine distribution gets underway. This turnkey solution is now ready to be deployed for any other state, healthcare provider, or vaccine distributor.

Prior to delivery of IntelePeer’s platform, the state’s citizens experienced frequent busy signals and hours-long wait times as call volume overwhelmed existing appointment scheduling resources. IntelePeer moved quickly when it got the call to help build a better solution. The Atmosphere® CPaaS-powered solution was up and running in eight hours, with no additional infrastructure or resources deployed by the state. Beginning with a launch in the state’s most populous county, the solution serviced 104,580 multi-lingual residents in its first day, averaging less than three minutes per caller and handling over 1,000 calls per second.

According to a new Welltok/Ipsos Poll, 69% of Americans plan to get the vaccine and further detailed findings of the poll show 78% believe the vaccine will be effective. Americans are overwhelming the healthcare facilities that are offering the vaccine, websites cannot handle the spikes in traffic, and phone calls are going unanswered. As recently as January 20, 2021, the Los Angeles Times reported that their state’s website crashed after it was announced that 65-year-olds and older could sign up to schedule for the vaccine.

State and Local Health Departments cannot afford busy signals, long hold times, and an inability to manage high volumes of registration requests. Atmosphere® CPaaS gives states and healthcare providers the ability to react quickly to changes in vaccine availability, distribution capacity, and vaccine qualification criteria – and the capacity to service over 150,000 simultaneous callers with automation. Once deployed, Atmosphere® CPaaS-based solutions can grow over time with automated SMS reminders, automated patient follow-ups and appointment confirmations, and additional customer service hotlines for FAQs and automated information collection.

“This project was about doing what was needed to ensure residents are able to make appointments and get the COVID-19 vaccine as quickly and efficiently as possible. After reading too many news stories of websites crashing, busy lines, and frustrated Americans, I realized that IntelePeer was in a great position to offer a simple solution that can make a big impact,” said Frank Fawzi, CEO and President at IntelePeer. “Our solution can be deployed quickly and easily, enabling any state or healthcare provider to deliver a streamlined appointment-setting experience for their residents and patients. As a part of our commitment to creating a better vaccine distribution experience, we are waiving fees for platform access and managed solution assistance as we work together with states and healthcare providers to bring the COVID-19 pandemic to an end.”

“The logistics and complexity surrounding COVID-19 vaccinations requires automation to complement live customer care—and to keep them informed and happy,” says Robin Gareiss, CEO of Metrigy, a research firm that studies how companies use technology to deliver top-notch customer experience. “Automated SMS reminders and appointment reminders alone significantly reduce the load on agents. By adding such automation, companies see a 31% increase in agent productivity. When companies use CPaaS, customer ratings improve 37.2%.”

To learn more about how we are helping with COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, please call 1-855-462-6819.

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