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IntelePeer showcases its powerful CPaaS, contact center experience capabilities and new partnerships with IBM, Cisco and Zoom at Enterprise Connect, Podcast

September 30, 2021

“IntelePeer is taking our concept one step further,” says Brent Earlewine, Senior VP of Indirect Channels at IntelePeer. In this podcast episode, we learn about IntelePeer’s recent partnerships with IBM, Cisco and Zoom and other company highlights presented at Enterprise Connect. Earlewine explains how its omni-channel CPaaS solution is now available within IBM’s Watson Assistant – a major proof point of IntelePeer’s powerful platform and contact center experience capabilities. He also discusses IntelePeer’s new integration with Webex by Cisco that enables organizations to “achieve in minutes what previously took days,” as well as IntelePeer’s involvement in the new Zoom Phone’s Provider Exchange Program offering. With IntelePeer’s powerful CPaaS platform even more intertwined with these large UCaaS providers, get an inside look into how IntelePeer uses embedded AI, omnichannel automation and self-service and deep analytics to create a new customer experience for customers across the board.



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