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Iotum powers AI to help resellers deliver productivity and flexibility, Podcast

October 11, 2021

At a major university, Iotum has been able to help the school’s administration better understand everything from student engagement to content and even tone of concurrent lectures and seminars occurring across an institution with over 60,000 enrolled students. According to Jason Martin, Iotum’s CEO, and Dora Bloom, Chief Marketing Officer, this is just one example of how Iotum is changing the landscape of opportunity and possibility for resellers, by offering a product that can give users insights, analytics and more, perhaps in ways the customers themselves had not considered. In this podcast, we learn how Iotum offers a wide range of possibilities for resellers looking to differentiate their offerings and channel partners looking to branch into new verticals, or perhaps bolster their portfolios in the niche markets they already serve. We get to know Iotum’s flexible video conference API integration, and how Iotum offers both ready to go solutions along with customizable and scalable approaches. Iotum’s API offering makes it easy to add a video to any application. “We’re here to support the reseller community,” says Martin, noting that the company also offers very competitive white labeling that enables resellers to enter markets with both a lower price and a unique solution, at the same time. Bloom comments that she is looking to continue to grow Iotum’s group of partners within the cloud community and among the CCA members.



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