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Marketing Development Funds (MDF) take center stage for Resellers with marketing programs handled by MOJO Marketing – Now Mojenta, Podcast

June 14, 2021

Many resellers are not familiar with Marketing Development Funds, and many that are familiar with MDF do not have the time to Investigate, create and run effective programs. Angela Leavitt, Founder & CEO of Mojo Marketing – Now Mojenta, speaks with Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication about how the work for vendors, resellers and agents to implement creative programs that apply the marketing funds effectively.

On behalf of the reseller and agent, Mojenta will put together proposals to the vendor on how the MDF will be utilized. Vendors see this as a very positive signal to work with those that have programs and can implement them. Vendors will even get creative on their side to help channel partners that show promise and run successful programs.  I guess it is all in the marketing of the program and that is what Mojenta does. Listen in and find out how they can help you take advantage of MDF!

Mojenta develops and delivers high quality marketing strategy and tactics that drive tangible results for their clients.  Founded in 2010, Mojenta has helped more than 200 telecom, IT and cloud companies create and execute effective marketing strategies.

When you see outstanding work, you know it. And when that work drives measurable results, clients win. Clients have high expectations for their brand. So, they set their standards even higher to always deliver a “wow” experience. They also ooze passion. You’ll feel it when you interact with them. They love what they do, and that translates into truly caring about what’s best for their clients.

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