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NEC UNIVERGE BLUE is a strategy and a suite of services, Podcast

September 29, 2021

“How do you make it channel friendly,” asks Mike Mitsch, Sales Director, UNIVERGE Cloud Strategies at NEC Corporation of America. According to Mitsch, UNIVERGE BLUE not only delivers enterprise grade cloud communications as a service, but it’s also been tailored to the needs of the partners who historically, literally, installed the NEC base, and that base’s customers. In this podcast we learn how UNIVERGE BLUE helps end users successfully meet their cloud migration plans while enabling the partner to remain close to the customer and effectively “own” the relationship, even as the customer moves to the service model. Mitsch describes a synergistic suite of services, combined with excellent partner training. Mitsch also points to NEC as being one of the early adapters to have UCaaS integration with Teams, signaling to the partner community that NEC America is a path into the Teams market, with a package that’s designed to anticipate an on-prem network and the adoption of Teams by the customer. We also look at significant industries which will remain in person such as hospitality and significant portions of healthcare and education. These verticals have a long history with NEC and UNIVERGE BLUE is now helping major organizations to move to the cloud.



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