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New opportunities in the federal space for voice communication modernization, Ribbon Podcast

October 18, 2023

The White House has been heavily funding federal IT modernization via the Technology Modernization Fund, in which investments are dedicated to building and improving digital services at federal agencies. The federal government needs to have a modern communication system. Whether it’s the VAS or the IRS, real time communications is vital to the success of the mission of many agencies. In this podcast, VP of Enterprise and Government Markets Dave Hogan discusses the scale of and details of a major modernization, now underway in federal network infrastructure. Dave relates these happenings considering significant growth in Ribbon’s Cloud and Edge solution portfolio. We here about the risks of delaying modernization and the upside of going forward. Dave outlines a place for agencies to start the process of network modernization. Don’t miss Dave’s vision of a how an improved federal communications infrastructure posture will look like when reach the mid 2040s.

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