Callsign Chooses Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, to Deliver More Secure Communications for Banking Customers

Partnership puts innovative digital identity technology at the heart of trusted communications to help protect customers from fraud LONDON, [May 30, 2019] –  Callsign, a London-based company at the forefront of the identity revolution, and  Vonage (NYSE:  VG), a global business cloud communications leader, today announced a partnership to deliver enhanced private communications for digital life providers. With APIs via  Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, Callsign’s real-time, artificial intelligence-driven identity and  authentication solutions allow these technology providers to reach their customers on their preferred channel of communication (voice, SMS and social chat apps). Callsign’s award-winning Intelligent Driven Authentication helps businesses across all digital sectors to seamlessly verify and authenticate users, confirming identity and location. With the added integration of  Nexmo Messages APIs, Callsign is adding a deeper layer of trust and authentication to help brands mitigate fraud and improve customer trust, while meeting regulatory compliance standards. Callsign partnered with Vonage through the  Nexmo Connect Partner Program, an extensive support system of Nexmo partners and experts that collaborate on building, selling and marketing business technology and communications solutions. Nexmo Connect partners leverage Nexmo APIs to enhance and build upon their own platforms to create unique solutions to meet the needs of their customers. "In an increasingly digital world, businesses are looking for ways to connect with customers by engaging with them in deeper, more personal ways, across all channels,” said Omar Javaid, President of Vonage’s API Platform Group.  "Nexmo APIs enhance Callsign’s advanced intelligence API, enabling Callsign to deliver an optimized platform that meets the communications needs of its customers, to help those businesses create exceptional experiences for their customers.” The partnership between Callsign and Vonage adds a deep layer of trust and authentication for customers by adding more intelligence on top of the Callsign platform to improve customer experience while mitigating fraud. "Communications between companies and their customers is predicated on trust. But today, spoofed accounts, spearfishing, hacking and other nefarious acts are eroding this trust,” said Ryan Gosling, Head of Partnerships at Callsign. “As consumers we rely on our preferred channels to alert us when things go wrong. As a Nexmo Connect Partner, we have added technology that ensures companies and their customers can communicate securely, keeping trust at the centre of each conversation.” Callsign’s identification solutions enhance, rather than block user experience. Users can get on with their digital lives in the most seamless way possible – checked, verified, safe. The Callsign platform uses an artificial intelligence-driven engine that analyses thousands of data points to authenticate identity and location in real-time. The Callsign solution improves fraud mitigation by providing additional customer ID verification, based on specific fraud risk triggers. This can help protect customers from malicious third-parties who use fraudulent means to obtain an individual’s personal data deceptively and use it to gain access to their phone number and accounts. Callsign’s technology, enhanced with Nexmo’s robust APIs, provide businesses with the ability to maintain and ensure the integrity of their customers’ messaging across SMS, voice and social chat apps, and improve customer experience. For more information visit About Callsign Callsign is a Great British technology company. With roots firmly grounded in the Northwest of England, home of the industrial revolution, Callsign is driving the identity revolution. We have seen technology making people’s lives easier, but believe it is equally important that it makes people’s lives better, and so we are committed to being the best people we can be at work, at home, and within our community. Callsign’s Intelligence Driven Authentication uses multiple data items to recognise users through deep learning insights derived across device, location and behaviour. To learn more about Callsign and how it is helping provide a replicable blueprint for businesses around the globe to intelligently protect against threats in real-time in any region where fraud occurs, visit: About Vonage Vonage is redefining business communications, helping enterprises use fully-integrated unified communications, contact center, and programmable communications solutions via Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, to improve how business gets done. True to our roots as a technology disruptor, we've embraced technology to transform how companies connect, collaborate and communicate to create better business outcomes. Vonage's fully-integrated cloud communications platform built on a microservices-based architecture enables businesses to collaborate more productively and engage  their customers more effectively across all channels, including messaging, chat, social media, video and voice.
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