[Case Study] Modernizing Network Infrastructure: How IPFone’s SD-WAN Solution Empowered Miller Legg

Miller Legg, a Florida-based consulting firm, recently partnered with IPFone to upgrade their network infrastructure with an SD-WAN solution powered by Cisco Meraki. The decision to implement this new technology was driven by the need to address the challenges posed by their existing on-premise solution and to improve overall network performance, security, and client experience. The collaboration between Miller Legg and IPFone has proven to be successful, resulting in a range of benefits for the consulting firm.

The Challenges of an Outdated Network
Prior to the switch, Miller Legg faced several issues with their on-premise solution that hindered their productivity and growth. The network speed was slow, which negatively impacted employee efficiency and performance. Additionally, the limited features and capabilities of the existing system restricted the firm’s ability to adapt to the evolving needs of their business. Furthermore, the management and administration of the network were complex and time-consuming, placing a significant burden on the IT team.

Key Issues:

  • Slow network speed impacting employee productivity and efficiency
  • Limited features and capabilities restricting business adaptability
  • Complex and time-consuming network management and administration

Implementing the Solution
IPFone, a trusted VoIP provider that had been serving Miller Legg for an extended period, proposed an SD-WAN solution powered by Cisco Meraki to address the firm’s network challenges. The offered solution included a comprehensive set of features and capabilities that aligned with Miller Legg’s requirements. Moreover, the competitive pricing and the long-standing partnership between the two companies made IPFone the ideal choice for implementing the new technology.

Solution Highlights:

  • Comprehensive features and capabilities aligned with business requirements
  • Competitive pricing compared to other solutions in the market
  • Long-standing partnership and trust between Miller Legg and IPFone

Installation Process
IPFone’s experienced team efficiently managed the installation process, completing the deployment across all three of Miller Legg’s office locations within a span of two weeks. The team provided on-site support throughout the installation, ensuring a smooth transition from the old system to the new one. Whenever issues arose during the process, IPFone’s team promptly addressed and resolved them, minimizing any potential disruptions to Miller Legg’s operations.

Deployment Efficiency:

  • Efficient installation process completed within two weeks across three office locations
  • On-site support provided throughout the installation for a smooth transition
  • Prompt issue resolution to minimize potential disruptions to business operations

Outcomes and Improvements
The switch to IPFone’s SD-WAN solution yielded several notable improvements for Miller Legg. The network speed and reliability significantly increased, enhancing employee productivity and efficiency. The enhanced security features, including intrusion detection, content filtering, and anti-malware protection, provided a more robust defense against potential cyber threats. The simplified management and centralized control of all devices through the Meraki platform reduced the time and effort required for network administration, allowing the IT team to focus on other critical tasks.

Key Benefits:

  • Significantly increased network speed and reliability, enhancing employee productivity
  • Enhanced security features for robust defense against cyber threats
  • Simplified management and centralized control, reducing time and effort for network administration

Business Impact
The implementation of IPFone’s SD-WAN solution has had a positive impact on Miller Legg’s business operations. The increased productivity resulting from the improved network performance has enabled the firm to streamline its processes and deliver better results to its clients. The enhanced client experience, facilitated by the more reliable and efficient network, has the potential to strengthen customer relationships and drive business growth. Additionally, the upgraded network infrastructure positions Miller Legg to leverage new technologies and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Positive Outcomes:

  • Increased productivity enabling streamlined processes and better client results
  • Enhanced client experience strengthening customer relationships and driving growth
  • Upgraded infrastructure positioning the firm to leverage new technologies and maintain competitiveness

IPFone’s Customer Support
IPFone’s commitment to customer success extends beyond the initial installation of the SD-WAN solution. The company provides ongoing support to ensure that clients like Miller Legg can maximize the benefits of the new technology. This includes on-site training to familiarize employees with the system’s features and capabilities. IPFone also offers a 6-month satisfaction policy, demonstrating their confidence in the solution and their dedication to client success. Furthermore, IPFone’s highly-rated customer service ensures that any issues or concerns are promptly addressed, providing Miller Legg with peace of mind and a reliable partner for their network needs.

Ongoing Support:

  • On-site training to familiarize employees with the system’s features and capabilities
  • 6-month satisfaction policy demonstrating confidence in the solution and dedication to client success
  • Highly-rated customer service for prompt issue resolution and peace of mind

The partnership between Miller Legg and IPFone, and the subsequent implementation of the SD-WAN solution powered by Cisco Meraki, has proven to be a successful endeavor. The new technology has effectively addressed the challenges posed by Miller Legg’s outdated network infrastructure, resulting in improved performance, enhanced security, and a better overall experience for both employees and clients. As businesses increasingly rely on robust and secure network solutions, IPFone’s SD-WAN offering presents a compelling option for organizations looking to upgrade their network infrastructure and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

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