Cloud Computing Explained and Explored in New Three-part Quest Executive Brief Series

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--( BUSINESS WIRE)--Cloud computing is quickly bringing revolutionary benefits to just about everyone’s working and personal life, and it offers small businesses an unparalleled opportunity to use information technology to compete effectively with much larger, more powerful rivals. In an effort to help business decision-makers understand the realities of Cloud computing, Quest is offering, free of charge, a new three- part Executive Brief series, GETTING THE MOST FROM CLOUD COMPUTING. The series explains how Cloud computing’s new architectures have made IT less costly, more accessible, and easier to use than ever before — and includes what businesses need to know to deploy and use Cloud computing effectively. Part 1 of the series, The Benefits and Challenges of Cloud Computing, provides charts, graphs, and statistics to show the payoffs of Cloud computing as well as the challenges it poses. Part 2 of the series, The Value of Shaping Your Own Cloud, describes why and how customized, shape-your-own Clouds offer benefits that other Cloud approaches lack. Part 3 of the series, 5 Cloud Computing Best Practices, lays out in detail the best practices that make the difference between smooth, cost-efficient Cloud deployments and deployments that don’t deliver. “There are any number of ways and combinations that can be used to implement and deploy Cloud computing,” says Quest President and CEO Tim Burke. “It’s easy to get distracted by Cloud computing hype, but it’s not so easy to match up Cloud options and alternatives with what your business needs and can truly benefit from.” “We’re providing these three Executive Briefs,” Tim Burke notes, “to help smaller and midsize organizations better understand their Cloud options. At Quest, we believe that it’s important for business decision-makers to have a solid grasp of Cloud technology and issues — and to have in hand the key questions that should be asked of any Cloud services provider.” All three parts of GETTING THE MOST FROM CLOUD COMPUTING are available as downloadable PDFs from Quest at its website, Print copies are also available on request. In addition, Quest CEO Tim Burke regularly blogs about Cloud computing and other IT-related topics. More at
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