Divert Flash Calls to monetization route with a new solution by AB Handshake

The growing number of flash calls have made many industry players start to rethink the definition of such calls. However, there has been no unified response among the industry players yet. AB Handshake has created a unique approach to the problem, delivering a choice of business reactions. The technical solution is based on an AI engine, which allows you to tackle the problem at once. More importantly, it allows you to get back the 2FA-related revenue, not only by blocking, but possibly monetizing flash calls. A flash call is defined as a near-instant dropped call, automatically placed to a mobile and used by businesses for ID verification, rather than the formerly known routine of sending SMS. Because flash calls are alternatives to delivering an OTP via SMS, there is justifiable concern that widespread use of flash calling will have an impact on telco earnings. This issue is grounded in reality, as businesses continue to shift from SMS to flash calls as the default authentication technique. Flash Call Detector  As a well-established anti-fraud vendor with global renown for its effect in this industry, AB Handshake looked into the existing problem of flash calls and developed a properly customised solution: Flash Call Detector. Flash Call Detector helps telcos to avoid the risk of dealing with flash calls by providing the option to increase 2FA-related revenue. The AB Handshake Detection System identifies flash calls with 99+% accuracy and lays the foundation for the monetization strategy. A recent research by Juniper predicts the number of calls used for flash authentication will be near 130 billion globally by 2026, rising from less than 60 million in 2021. This represents an astonishing growth of over 185,000% in the next 5 years. Already now the industry is overwhelmed with a rising volume of flash calls which in turn require operators’ close attention and quick reaction on new strategies of how to deal with them. AB Handshake delivers such a solution with no further delay. Flash Call Detector combines best practices and technologies created by AB Handshake in its fight against fraud and employs cutting-edge AI engine technology. Flash Call Detector's operational power is smart and straightforward, with only three basic steps: detect, monetize, and block! Flash Call Detector in action DETECT - The Detector routine's initial process is to determine the ranges of numbers from which flash calls are sent. According to AB Handshake practice, flash calls account for approximately 4% of international voice traffic for operators. When you know exactly which call is flash call and which is not, you can decide whether to build the monetization model or simply to block such call type. MONETIZE - With Flash Call Detector data report you have enough arguments to  charge your interconnect partners or 2FA service providers' extra fees based on the A-number range. A-number rage displays a list of legal (agreed-upon) flash-call provider numbers. You can edit the whitelist with new A-number ranges as you sign the new contracts. The remainder of flash calls received from any other source are banned. BLOCK - This option enables you to turn flash calls into increasing A2P SMS earnings. Legitimate traffic will be unaffected, and 2FA service providers will return to SMS or other methods of OTP transmission. Meanwhile, the telecommunications industry is still debating the phenomena of flash calls; you have a fantastic opportunity to act instantly with real-time warning and to start monetization. The purpose of Flash Call Detector is to provide a potential for increasing revenue and restoring the trust of your interconnect partners. You can transform a problem into a unique commercial opportunity by organising flash calls routine with effective detection. For more information on this solution, download The Flash Call Detector White Paper. About AB Handshake AB Handshake is a multi-layered worldwide voice and SMS traffic protection technology established by a team of telecom professionals with decades of expertise. The AB Handshake system ensures full fraud prevention for all key fraud scenarios. The technological achievements of AB Handshake are frequently recognized with the most prestigious industry awards, the most recent of which was "Next Gen Telecom Fraud Protection" by Global Infosec Awards 2022.
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