New iconectiv use case highlights how streamlined ordering, interconnection and billing can light up wholesale fiber revenues and ROI

  • What’s the News: As service providers roll out 5G and densify their networks, they are increasingly looking to the other companies in the telecom space, including fiber providers for cell site backhaul, additional capacity in the core network and interconnection to other service providers. A new iconectiv use case explains how wholesale fiber companies can streamline and simplify their interactions with their service provider customers to secure greater market share.
  • Why it Matters: Service providers use an industry-standard common language to register sites and record functionality within their networks at those locations. A wholesale fiber company that applies the same naming standard to their own network will instantly improve their design, build and operate functions within their own organizations, and will have a competitive advantage when marketing to service providers.
BRIDGEWATER, NJ - April 6, 2023 - Service providers expanding and densifying their networks are increasingly turning to the wholesale fiber market for cell site backhaul, additional capacity in the core network and interconnection to other service providers. To secure a share of this opportunity, wholesale fiber companies need to make ordering and fulfillment easy and error-free for their service provider customers. More than 1,800 communications service providers, equipment vendors and members of the telecom ecosystem use iconectiv® TruOps Common Language® industry-standard nomenclature to identify, locate, manage and understand network resources with precision. With the end-to-end view of a network, fiber providers can pinpoint an asset’s location and attributes to easily interconnect with customers. Layouts can be easily designed and work orders completed and billed with fewer errors, generating considerable savings on operational expenses. Efficiency gains benefit service providers and their fiber partners. It has been estimated that mislaid assets and mismanaged inventory due to critical data being scattered across disparate systems could cost up to  20% of annual capex for some telecom companies. Applying the standardized naming system improves communications across different functions within telcos and fiber companies, simplifying asset and inventory management, forecasting and planning. For wholesale fiber companies, the ability to provide accurate, detailed fiber network information using service providers’ preferred nomenclature opens the door to monetizing fiber assets and increasing market share. “Fiber infrastructure providers that show they understand the nuances of how service providers operate are going to enjoy a major advantage over those that don’t,” said Peter Ford, Executive Vice President at iconectiv. “By structuring asset and inventory management, fiber providers can enhance their network utilization, and create seamless interconnections.” Common Language has become an essential go-to resource for the telecom industry. There are 94 million connections managed each day using Common Language, and it is the only industry registry with more than 15 million registered network locations and millions more of interconnection points. Common Language has become so central to the sector that Common Language® CLLI™ Codes must be quoted when service providers apply for numbering resource assignments from the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA). Fiber companies interested in learning more about Common Language can read the full use case  here.
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