Snom achieves second-best result in its history and acknowledges the contribution of its partners

The premium brand of IP telephony is delighted by the excellent results it has achieved at the end of its fiscal year and thanks its sales partners for their tremendous loyalty and support. Berlin, Germany - April 2023 - IP telephony pioneer Snom , has maintained record sales figures and strengthened its market share in the fiscal year 2023. Crucial to Snom’s success has been the cooperation of its sales partners, who have made an active contribution to the brand’s success, despite the global political climate and recessionary trends of the last twelve months. As Snom's CEO Gernot Sagl shares, the past year has been a challenging one for companies active in the B2B space. As soon as the market restraint triggered by the pandemic subsided, companies then had to deal with soaring operational, energy and fuel costs. All of this in combination created a series of knock-on effects and additional hurdles. For example, some projects planned for 2022 were not completed until 2023. In addition, it often proved difficult to ensure delivery capacity by the necessary circumvention of usual trade routes. Snom’s efforts to offer security to specialist retailers with innovation, product quality and availability and, finally, price stability were reciprocated with active support. Gernot Sagl thanks Snom partners for their contribution to the success of the brand: "The cooperation with specialist retailers is invaluable to us, particularly in challenging times and we are delighted to once again present our sales partners with our Distribution Awards.“ The annual distributor awards, which are given at the end of each fiscal year, recognise the outstanding sales targets achieved, as well as qualitative criteria. For example, recognition is given to those who are distinguished in customer support, have demonstrated strong knowledge of Snom products, or who have excelled in managing the ordering and delivery process. In total, 20 distributors from around the world have received awards this year, with two of those long-standing partners from the UK. ProVu Communications Ltd has been handed a Platinum award, while Electronic Frontier Ltd has been presented with a Gold award. Darren Garland, Group Managing Director at ProVu Communications, said: “We’re proud to have contributed to another successful year for Snom in the UK. As a long-standing partner, it’s great to see our team being rewarded for the work that they do to bring Snom solutions to businesses.” Snom will keep striving to continuously improve its products and services and to grow with its partners. "We look forward to celebrating further successes together in the future,’’ adds Gernot Sagl. ‘‘Over the course of the new fiscal year, we will launch a variety of new products so retailers can enter new markets." More at
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