Snom™ Announces the M500 Pro Wireless Family

The VTech® Company’s Easy-to-Install Cordless Office System Allows for Flexible Deployment Anywhere within a Business Location CHICAGO, IL - February 27, 2023 - Snom , a subsidiary of VTech Holdings Limited, introduced today the M500 Pro wireless family. The M500 is an industry first, cloud accessible and provision-capable SIP based Key System Unit; a cordless phone system that allows freedom from wired networks for fast and flexible deployment anywhere within a business. The Snom M500 Pro comes as its own “office in a box” solution featuring the M500 Pro Multicell Base Station, M58 Desk Phone and M55 Handset which are all easily programmable, intuitive without user training and expandable. The M500 Pro wireless family is a Key System Unit that utilizes Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, which offers better reliability and security than Wi-Fi, to form a completely customizable solution with two base stations and 16 handsets or desksets that will soon be expandable up to 6 base stations and 48 handsets. This will enable business users to easily and seamlessly answer and transfer calls utilizing programmable fixed line keys, page their entire team or carry hands-free conversations on the go with up to eight calls simultaneously per base station. With the M500 Pro, small and medium-sized businesses will receive all the benefits of Cloud UC (cost savings, performance benefits, user-friendliness and more) without giving up the existing one line/one key call handling (Key System) or busy lamp field (BLF), two features they’ve known and loved about their traditional wired key system. As a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Key System Unit (KSU), the cloud-accessible M500 Pro allows users to pick up the receiver from multiple lines with one touch of a button. For service providers, the cloud simplifies the provisioning process and makes it easier to troubleshoot any issues, while allowing for fast deployment of large site installations. “Snom offers a broad selection of VoIP solutions to meet the unique needs of any small and midsize business,” said Brian Tompkins, Vice President Sales, Snom Americas, a VTech Company. “The M500 Pro wireless family is an all-encompassing communications solution that will streamline administrative operations and allow owners to focus on what matters most – their business specialty and team.” M500 PRO KEY ADVANTAGES: The Snom M500 Pro provides critical advantages for business users including:
  • Simple, Painless Deployment
o   Service provider takes care of easy set up from A to Z for rapid installation and remote provisioning, while system updates are completed over the air to save you time and resources
  • Wireless Freedom for an “Office in a Box”
o   The cordless base station and cordless handsets offers mobility throughout the office. The cordless desk set offers flexibility since it can be placed wherever there is power
  • Increased Scalability with DECT Wireless Technology
o   The expanded DECT range allows for increased call capacity by pairing multiple base stations, with the capacity to register up to 48 phones in the same network
  • Excellent Usability
o   Intuitive to use, the handsets and desk sets provide large color displays and built-in Bluetooth ® connectivity, with audio quality fine-tuned for maximum voice clarity and background noise reduction
  • Reliability and Security that is Built for Business
o   Seamless handover between M500 base station means no dropped calls as you roam. Streamline administrative operations with ease and get back to your specialty To learn more about the Snom M500 Wireless Family, visit
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