Telescope Health Provides Vital Virtual Healthcare Powered by Vonage and SourceFuse

HOLMDEL, NJ - June 22, 2023 - Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, partners with  SourceFuse, a leading provider of cloud-native, bespoke solutions and services, to offer the cutting edge technology businesses need to enhance engagement and connection to customers. By integrating Vonage Communications APIs into the cloud-based SourceFuse solution,  Telescope Health is able to connect patients with high-quality care, no matter where they are or when they need help. Telescope Health is a physician-led healthcare solutions company focused on reducing barriers to care through human connection and technology. As the demand for remote healthcare continues to grow, Telescope Health sets itself apart by relying on integrity, compassion and innovation to make care more accessible to all while improving quality of life. "The driving force behind what we do is the disparities that exist in the care delivery model today. People often do not seek out or receive the care that they need due to lack of transportation, lack of insurance, or economic hardship," explained Brent Girardeau, Director of Technology, Telescope Health. "We work closely with local governments and providers to build systems that deliver care to individuals who would otherwise not receive it. By addressing inequities at the patient level, we are helping people stay healthier and take charge of their own healthcare journey, while reducing cost to the system as a whole." Telescope Health specializes in on-demand, preventative, and transitional care telehealth services for ACOs, health systems, health plans, nursing facilities, and businesses. They also provide health care navigation services by utilizing a team of care coordinators that empower people in their health care options. Backed by SourceFuse and Vonage, the Telescope Health team is filling in gaps within the healthcare industry through innovation and game-changing technologies, providing a seamless user experience and making things as easy as possible for the patient with a goal of zero burden. With a commitment to digital innovation, service excellence and customer success and deep expertise in the healthcare and life sciences industry, SourceFuse chooses powerful partners, like Vonage, to offer the cutting edge technology businesses need to enhance engagement and connection to customers. "The custom-built virtual care solution for Telescope Health enables them to fulfill consumer needs and preferences by providing healthcare navigation and follow-up care to drive better patient outcomes. A completely integrated and interoperable telehealth application like this makes a huge difference," noted Vaidant Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, SourceFuse. "The SourceFuse team built the solution, consulted with Telescope Health on their vision, incorporated appropriate technology, and chose Vonage Video API because it was able to provide what was needed to ensure quality of care." Vonage APIs make it easy for businesses to build custom  videoSMSmessaging and  voice experiences within any mobile, web or desktop application. Integrated within SourceFuse solutions, Vonage APIs enable businesses to smoothly transition from only in-person interactions to virtual and hybrid engagements across multiple channels. "We have seen a growing need for remote and virtual healthcare services that offer seamless, meaningful and reliable connections that rival in-person interactions or even improve on them - like how the Telescope Health solution is changing lives and shifting the healthcare landscape," said Amitha Pulijala, VP of Product, Platform Services, AI and Video, Vonage. "We are happy to work with powerful partners like SourceFuse to support our customers' innovation and growth as they shape the future of immersive engagements." Read the  full case study to find out more about how Telescope Health provides vital virtual healthcare powered by SourceFuse and the Vonage Communications Platform. To find out more about Vonage, visit
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