Virtual PBX Announces Free iPhone Application With Exclusive Feature in the Hosted PBX Market

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Virtual PBX, the pioneer and leader in hosted PBX phone systems, announced today that it has released an extension management application for Apple's iPhone. This application makes it easy for Virtual PBX customers to have access to all of the most-used functions of their phone system, directly from their iPhones, including call routing, follow-me calling and ACD queue logins, which includes iPhone-based presence management, a feature exclusive to Virtual PBX. "We're excited to introduce the first business extension management app with this advanced level of functionality for iPhone users," said Paul Hammond, CEO of Virtual PBX. "As an iPhone user myself, I love to have the Virtual PBX features I use the most right at my fingertips, and I am certain our customers will appreciate it, too." Prior to the launch of the iPhone application, Virtual PBX users could manage all system functions through a browser-based secure Web portal. Now, the functions accessed most by users can be updated and customized through this new iPhone app. Usage is intuitive, with most functions needing just one to two touches. The features of the new Virtual PBX iPhone application, include:
  • ACD Queue Presence Management (Exclusive to Virtual PBX) The Virtual PBX Extension Manager App makes presence management available through the iPhone. Users can log in and out of queues as needed, and, through the use of intelligent queue algorithms, Virtual PBX then reduces caller hold times by not forcing calls to extensions where no one will answer. This means better efficiency for the customer and happier callers. iPhone-based queue presence management is exclusive to Virtual PBX in the hosted PBX market.
  • Do Not Disturb Users who are in meetings or away from the office sometimes don't want to receive calls at all. In most systems, when calls come in, the phone rings whether the user wants it to or not, sometimes embarrassing the extension owner, and the caller has to wait for voicemail to pick up. Virtual PBX's iPhone app eliminates this problem by allowing users to mark their extensions as unavailable, so calls that come in go directly to voicemail with no waiting and no client interruptions.
  • Follow-me, Find-me App users accessing this function of their Virtual PBX system can redirect incoming business calls to any of up to four different phones, such as the VoIP phone in their office, their cellular phone or their sister's house in Kalamazoo. As always, they'll be notified that incoming calls are business calls, not personal, and can answer appropriately.
The Virtual PBX iPhone application is now available and can be downloaded free of charge at the iPhone App Store today.  
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