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Nextiva sees big opportunities for Channel Partners in AI, Bots and CCaaS, Podcast

November 02, 2021

“The good news is that bots cost money and partners want to make money,” says Cathryn Valladares, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Nextiva. “And actually, bots cost more money than voice channels”. According to Valladares, partners needn’t fret about the decline and commodification of the traditional desktop phone. She believes that artificial intelligence is not only the future, but a place where partners can win.

Referencing a recent announcement Valladares reports, “We needed to have a solution for enterprise contact centers, so our partnership with Five9 was a natural selection. This week Valladares will be speaking about that partnership at the Channel Partner Conference.  In this podcast we explore the opportunities this announcement creates. Valladares also discusses how $200 million of funding from Goldman Sachs will be taking Nextiva into a new era of delivering the solutions that the partner community needs to be selling now. “We’ve moved into a digital era where communication is beyond phone calls,” says Valladares who thinks that the pandemic has sped up digital transformation.

Nextiva helps companies tackle the new needs of the hybrid, distributed workforce and serve the high expectation customers. We’re learning more on today’s podcast about how Nextiva’s connected communications platform captures insights from all customer interactions to help teams understand and serve their customers more effectively, and ultimately help businesses sell more and grow faster.



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