Crisantos Hajibrahim, Chief Product Evangelist of

“Would you let people in your company conduct company business with their personal emails,” asks Crisantos Hajibrahim, Chief Product Evangelist of Hajibrahim points out that while a business would never permit personal email to carry organizational email, the use of personal cell phones at work and for work is no common practice. In this podcast Hajibrahim argues that the loss of data is damaging to companies not to mention regulatory, compliance, security, privacy and even branding issues. “The data’s there, we just need to grab it,” says Hajibrahim. Metrics, scoring and rewarding better behavior, are part of the solution, according to Hajibrahim. This podcast outlines Hajibrahim’s approach, with a product called Prodoscore, which provides simple and easy to understand employee analytics and then uses AI and other technologies to surface new opportunities.


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