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Podcast: Compliance as an Opportunity (CaaO)

December 20, 2018

Law Firm Specializes in Serving Cloud Communications Community

Mirroring the UCaaS and CPaaS world that he serves, Jonathan Marashlian says compliance can be more than a legal cost and challenge, but an opportunity, something he calls, Compliance as an Opportunity, or possibly CaaO. In this podcast we learn about Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, a DC based law firm that specializes in cloud communications law and that brands itself The CommLaw Group. The firm offers a DC law firm’s understanding of legal and tax issues but positions itself more like a Silicon Valley technology company in working to bring a new approach to corporate law.  “We see compliance as an opportunity to competitively position your business to be superior to your competitors,” says Marashlian noting on how the firm’s services can help a firm leverage its compliance needs into an advantage.

Marashlian outlines strategies that can enable a company to structure its services so that the final cost to the end user, with taxes, is very competitive.  Getting taxes in line is notable when most consumers understand that quoted rates end up being much less than what will be billed when taxes are added.

“Our firm, our professionals, our experts on the legal side as well as the consulting side, really can bring a lot of knowledge and capabilities on the compliance, on the regulatory, on the legal (issues) and doing it all for a fee structure that is much more palatable that companies might be expected to spend with a “DC lawyer”,” says Marashlian. The podcast covers some of the firm’s unique offerings such as a Risk Management Services that evaluates company data on a quarterly basis to better understand compliance costs and risks. We also learn how the firm works to customize their services to the scale of the actual challenges at hand, thereby avoiding over engineering a legal task.

Marashlian notes that The CommLaw Group is a member of the CCA, a group he says has provided thought leadership to the industry.


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