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Podcast: Dashbase joins CCA, offers solutions for members

September 09, 2020

From the early days of cloud communications, there’s nothing more alienating to a new hard-won customer than slow or confused case resolution. Dashboard fills that very urgent need. In this podcast, Alex Munk, co-founder and CEO, Jordan Philips, Head of Sales and Technical Advisor to Dashbase, Myron Wallace, help us understand Dashbase and how it pulls together log data, automatically, and then creates visualizations that enable quick case, in some cases, near instant case resolution. Fresh from some major wins, including prominent members of the CCA, Dashbase stepped up to support the community by becoming a CCA member and agreeing to participate on a panel. We learn about how Dashbase visualizations can become an indispensable product differentiator in environments where long response times to issues can cost a client a customer and all the high acquisition costs thereof. We hear about fresh innovations in the pipeline and Dashbase looks forward to partnering with CCA members to take service to a new level.



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