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Podcast: Zoom has HaaS with Poly

July 23, 2020

Earlier this month Zoom announced an innovative subscription service: HaaS. HaaS is Hardware-as-a-Service. The program allows companies to basically utilize hardware such as headsets for a low monthly fee in place of an outright purchase. Poly was one of the companies involved in the announcement. In this podcast Laura Marx, Vice President Global Product and Alliance Marketing at Poly outlines what HaaS is, how it works and how it fits in with Poly’s larger plan to serve the pandemic and post pandemic needs of business and organization. Marx discusses how the program lowers the upfront costs to get the high-quality gear required to make WFH more professional. We hear about the benefits and the selection of products, including high quality video options. “The paradigm around hardware and software has shifted,” says Marx, adding, “…everything’s on the table now.” Marx stresses that while companies can continue to buy Zoom services and Poly products in a variety of ways prior to this announcement, all of which remain in place, many people are excited about having an added option. Marx sees the program as a way for companies that may not have budgeted for a digital transformation this year, to be able to enable their new home-based workers to experience high quality audio and video meeting and collaborations tools. Marx outlines the opportunities involved for both users and the channel.

Key takeaways of the HaaS program include:

  • Organizations can equip themselves with hardware solutions from leading vendors like Poly without the large initial investment, freeing up their budget for important projects and making hardware solutions more accessible for businesses of all sizes.
  • Zoom HaaS allows businesses to more easily scale up or down with high-quality devices designed for Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms, allowing them to maximize cost efficiency and manage their hardware solutions to fit their needs and budget.

IT professionals also have the option to add professional and managed services to their subscription, providing organizations with more hassle-free installation services and enhanced end-to-end management from Zoom’s professional services teams.

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