BroadSource SecureCall help merchants get PCI compliance, Podcast

Everybody has done it: been on a call where a credit card’s details were given. Your organization at some point might have called to collect on an account, or otherwise receive payment. You might have, voluntarily offered card information, possibly to a trusted merchant, especially a small company, or even a charity. But such transactions are likely outside of the compliance set by the credit card giants. And merchants (and that’s simply defined as anyone that has been granted the privilege of accepting cards), could be in violation of their merchant agreement, might be outside of security compliances by doing what may have become, common place. The sanctions are devastating, including losing your ability to receive payment by card, which today can be a death blow.

In this podcast, BroadSource’s Haydn Faltyn and Jason Thals discuss SecureCall. Featured at a recent CiscoLive event, SecureCall allows a business to better manage risk and escalating costs by ‘outsourcing’ PCI-DSS compliance to the BroadSource Cloud. The business benefits by reducing, annual PCI-DSS compliance audit costs, Cyber security insurance premiums, Costly (MOTO) processing transaction fees. The technology ensures that no customer card details enter the business.


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