Catching up with Clearspan, Podcast

Clearspan offers solutions from POTS migrations to Microsoft Teams Integration

“PING is Clearspan's modern collaboration solution designed to facilitate seamless communication across all devices, anytime, anywhere,” says Jim Machi, Chief Product and Marketing Officer. “It offers features such as chat, video conferencing, file sharing, Teams, personal conference rooms (PCR), and calls, empowering users to stay connected and productive. It replaces the basic call only client that exists today.”

In this podcast we catch up with one the cloud community’s “under the radar” innovators. Clearspan has been busy offering curated paths from POTS, innovative solutions such as PING and a "single pane of glass” admin panel called OpEasy.

“We're flexible with how we can deploy. That whole flexibility that I talked about before, customization, that's really our DNA. And that serves us well in these large deployments that we're able to do that. And so that's why people use us, because we can do things faster than maybe some of the other guys, even though they're big companies.”


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