Best Practices Breakout: Elevating Excellence: CEO Strategies for Cultivating Culture and Boosting Profitability, Fall Forward Podcast

Alan Rihm is LIVE this week at Cloud Connections 2024

“People can be your biggest competitive advantage,” says Alan Rihm, Fall Forward CEO and Co-Founder. “Or you can waste a lot of time and have a huge amount of turnover and a lot of disgruntled.” In the creative storm of the cloud communications industry, Rihm reminds is, in this brief podcast that organizations are as defined by their people, their talent, and how that talent led, as by the services and products they offer. The two tracks run side by side. Rihm tells us that our technology might be radically different just two or three years from now. But the company culture is also a thing in motion. Will your team look forward, each day to coming to work, to doing the actual work? Will be inspired to see new things in the new technologies?  Or will a poor culture make the least of the most advanced innovations. “We're all about trying to help leaders leverage technology to get the most out of their team.”

Alan is joined by Dave Gilbert, Cloud Evangelist at Cavemen Investments LLC. Both Dave and Alan have led organizations up through stages from beginnings, take off to an eventual successful sale. They have seen the seasons of technological changes and the continuity of the human element: the need for the CEO to build a special culture. Alan Rihm and Dave Gilbert are LIVE at Cloud Connections 2024. Today Alan leads fall Forum, helping startups with a venture studio.


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